The Benefits of Picking a Full-Service Event Venue

The Benefits of Picking a Full-Service Event Venue | The Ballroom at Bayou Place

The Benefits of Picking a Full-Service Event Venue

The first word (and, perhaps, feeling) that comes to mind for most people when planning an event is stress. It can be mind boggling to come up with the catering, drinks, entertainment, design, marketing, and, of course, most prominently, the event venue that will set the perfect tone and environment for the occasion.


To plan and execute a successful event—whether it’s intimate or grand, whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or even a simple birthday party—can be a massive and overwhelming undertaking. It is more than possible to rack up what seems like an endless list of tasks leading up to the big day. Luckily, there’s an easier way to throw an event that is more hands-off in the planning arena and, consequently, more enjoyable once the special day arrives. Lets get into the benefits of picking a full-service event venue!


Perks of booking full-service


The key to stress-free planning is to book with a full-service event venue. What does this mean, exactly? A full-service event venue offers a suite of services to make event design and production seamless—and much less stressful. From food and parking to drinks and design, a full-service venue has got clients covered from A to Z. The Ballroom at Bayou Place is a full-service venue, with a myriad of possibilities to throw the event of your dreams.


Starting with the events themselves, The Ballroom hosts every type of gathering imaginable: private events, corporate events, galas, weddings, and more. The space harbors more than 15,000 square feet of configurable space and is expertly equipped to host intimate parties as well as larger social or corporate functions with room for more than 1,000 guests. The customizable space accommodates gatherings during every season, in any weather, so hosts can feel at ease knowing their event is on, rain or shine.


The Benefits of Picking a Full-Service Event VenueThe Benefits of Picking a Full-Service Event Venue


So, what’s included?


As far as dining and beverages go, The Ballroom at Bayou Place is incredibly flexible. We have partnered with several of Houston’s top caterers—including A Fare Extraordinaire, City Kitchen, The French Corner, Jackson & Company, Culinaire, and Elizabeth Swift Catering—to make dining selections simple. Plus, The Ballroom is happy to consider approving caterers outside of their partnerships in order to ensure that the client’s culinary and budgetary needs are each met. No matter the food that is served, every event has the option of a full-service catering experience, including professional set-up, execution, and breakdown.


Additionally, The Ballroom maintains a full mixed-beverage liquor license and provides many options for drink services, such as cash, hosted, and premium bar packages.


Another perk of booking with a full-service venue, like The Ballroom, is the luxury of an in-house marketing team at the client’s disposal. The team provides expert planning that elevates each event to fit the specific brand, aesthetic, or vision of the host.


When it comes to the look and feel of each event, The Ballroom’s seasoned team of industry professionals is ready and waiting to bring clients’ visions to fruition. Each individual detail of an event, from layout and linens to florals and lighting, will be implemented with great care to produce the perfect aesthetic for every occasion.


The Benefits of Picking a Full-Service Event Venue


Why select The Ballroom at Bayou Place?


Choosing to host an event at The Ballroom at Bayou Place opens a world of possibilities for every type of gathering imaginable. The space itself is a blank canvas with endless potential, and each event is treated as a unique experience. It is the mission of the team at The Ballroom to ensure that the venue is converted into a place that fulfills every vision and dream the client hopes for.


Tucked in the midst of Houston’s Theater District, The Ballroom is downtown’s largest private event venue, and its floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive balconies showcase stunning views of the Houston skyline as the idyllic backdrop to any event. Equipped to host large corporate functions as well as dreamy weddings and smaller intimate events, The Ballroom lets no detail slide by.


With catering, beverages, décor, marketing, and a stunning locale in which to entertain guests, The Ballroom at Bayou Place makes planning any event a breeze and leaves hosts and guests alike buzzing from their experience.

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